Nancy asks…

What type of product do you think would be good to offer in France?

What type of product do you think would be good to offer in France? What type of international business model do you think would be effective for that product? (e.g franchising, licensing, joint venture etc)

admin answers:

Hello, We have a very interesting international business model to do in France and in Europe to .

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John asks…

I need some business test help asap?

1: To be competitive in a global economy, Europeans must increase their level of
population density.
espionage activity.
philanthropic contributions.

2. One study found that manufacturing labor costs about __________ an hour in China, compared to __________ dollars in the United States.
Less than $1; about 15
$2; about 15
Less than $1; about 25
$2; about 25
Less than $1; about 40

3. NAFTA combined the economies of
the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
Canada, Mexico and South America.
South America, the U.S. and Central America.
Latin America, Pacific Rim and the E.U.
the U.S., the E.U. and Canada.

4. The passage of NAFTA has provided short-term benefits to which of the following industries?
The auto industry
Grain producers
The financial industry
Capital-goods suppliers
All of the above have benefited from NAFTA.

5. When identifying the best strategy for competing in a global marketplace, it is helpful to plot a company’s position on a(n)
leadership grid.
force field analysis grid.
integration-responsiveness grid.
cost-benefit grid.
strategy map.

6. Pressure for global integration includes
pressures to reduce costs.
variances in traditional practices.
political demands imposed by host countries.
consumer preferences.
legal demands imposed by host countries.

7. Which of the models of organization structure depends most heavily on communication and coordination between subsidiaries?
The global model
The transnational model
The international model
The worldwide model
The multinational model

8. A disadvantage of licensing is that the licensing company (licensor)
may lose control over its technology.
takes on greater political risk.
takes on greater development costs.
realizes higher profit margins.
hires more people.

9. A disadvantage of entering global competition through a joint venture is
it may present political barriers.
the partner’s knowledge of local tastes and preferences may interfere with standardized operations.
conflict over who controls what resources within a joint venture causes many joint ventures to fail.
it is a seldom used strategy, offering many unknowns.
there is seldom an agreement in place covering the joint venture.

10. McDonald’s uses __________ to participate in the global marketplace.
joint ventures
wholly owned subsidiaries

admin answers:

1. Productivity
2. Less than $1; about $15
3. Canada, Mexico, South America
4. All of the Above
5. Force field analysis grid
6. Pressures to reduce costs
7. International Model
8. May lose control over its technology
9. It is a seldom used strategy, offering many unknowns.
10. Wholly owned subsidiaries

Sharon asks…

Can someone please help me with this test, I was just robbed and have one hour to complet but cant concentrate?

I went to sell something off craigslist and the person snagged my touch phone out of my hands and ran , now I owe this test and I cant even concentrate, I can barely even look at the screen without crying, I have no money left and am so hungry.

1. (TCO 3) The value of goods imported into France exceeds the value of French exports. This indicates that France: (Points: 1)
will experience an exchange rate decrease
utilizes high tariffs
will incur a budget deficit
has a balance of trade deficit

2. (TCO 3) The difference between money coming into a country (from exports) and money leaving the country (for imports) plus money flows from other factors such as tourism, foreign aid, and military expenditures is referred to as the: (Points: 1)
balance of payments
balance of trade
balance of money flows
exchange rate

3. (TCO 3) Country A is an extremely efficient producer of tin. However, its climate and terrain make it difficult to produce corn. According to the theory of comparative advantage, Country A should: (Points: 1)
produce both tin and corn in order to remain self-sufficient
watch the global market to see which product is bringing the highest price
import the resources needed to produce corn
concentrate its production on tin and buy corn from an efficient producer

4. (TCO 3) The U.S. government has announced a five-million-pound annual limit on beef imported from Argentina. This type of trade restriction is called a(n): (Points: 1)
revenue tariff
import quota
export cap

5. (TCO 1) Casey is typical of many U.S. businesspeople. Casey feels the U.S. culture defines the model for the rest of the world, and that the American way of doing things is the best. Casey is guilty of: (Points: 1)
ethnic plagiarism
culture shock
counter culture

6. (TCO 3) Hennessy Hardware, a U.S. retailer, buys much of its inventory from Asian countries. Hennessy Hardware would benefit if the value of the dollar ________ relative to the currencies of the countries from which Hennessy imports (Points: 1)
remained constant
floated unpredictably

7. (TCO 3) Firms such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC have entered the global market by offering investors the opportunity to set up: (Points: 1)
licensed trade offices
independent exporting houses
multinational subsidiaries

8. (TCO 3) Pepsi Cola has entered into a long-term contract with a South African beverage business. The contract calls for the South African firm to produce and market Pepsi Cola in South Africa. Pepsi will receive a royalty on each case of soda sold. This is an example of: (Points: 1)
a joint venture
a foreign subsidiary
foreign direct investment

9. (TCO 1) A form of foreign direct investment, in which a domestic company purchases a company in a foreign country to produce a similar product or service is a: (Points: 1)
joint venture
foreign subsidiary
host company

10. (TCO3) The concept of free trade means: (Points: 1)
buyers and sellers contract with each other and offer some goods at no cost
goods and services can be traded freely across borders without political and/or economic barriers
there is no exchange of currency for these products
there is no exchange of currency, but the trading partners determine the value of the product and perform a bartering process to exchange goods

11. (TCO 3) Monique’s Unique Tile Boutique offers decorative tile from around the world. The owner regularly travels overseas to locate the best and most unusual tile that foreign producers have to offer. Monique participates in _____________ (Points: 1)

12. (TCO 3) __________ occurs when a country has a monopoly on producing a product or is able to produce it at a cost well below that of all other countries (Points: 1)
Comparative advantage
Absolute advantage
Complete advantage
Dumping advantage

13. (TCO 3) __________ occurs when a country has a monopoly on producing a product, as with an abundant source of natural resources, or is able to produce it at a cost well below that of all other countries (Points: 1)
Comparative advantage
Absolute advantage
Complete advantage
Dumping advantage

14. (TCO 3) The federal government created ___________ to help small and medium sized businesses get involved in exporting (Points: 1)
the World Trade Organization
Federal Export Loan Banks
Export Assis

admin answers:

You’ll have better luck posting a question rather than your homework assignment for someone else to do for you.

Thomas asks…

Assistance in development?

Hello all, I need your assistance in the business development of a kitchen factory. I’m a Business Development Manager, but I honestly ran out of ideas. We do all kinds of kitchen models with PVC’s and MDF’s, our prices are moderate, but still there are other competitors with lower prices. I started to do Joint Ventures with other small/medium businesses. Are there some suggestions you can assist me?
We’ve been operating for around 60 years, we have a good brand name and reputation, but because of the recession and pending projects our sales dropped.
What are other alternatives?

admin answers:

First things first.

1. Consider the plight of your business partners. I imagine that you sell through retail outlets, kitchen designers and the like. If you only sell direct, skip this step.

What do your business partners most need to protect their business? Make a list. I could step into their shoes and write a list but you know your business partners better than I. I’ll offer one approach. Teach them how to do steps 2 through 6.

Cross out ‘lower prices’. 86% of people buy on value, not price. Never be the cheapest unless your strategy is to be so and you have the margin to do so.

2. When demand shrinks, it is important to realise that it hasn’t and it won’t dry up all together. Make a list of the types of end customers who are likely to be less affected by tightening fiscal conditions, such as people working for banks, in growth industries, and who are buying houses. Follow the money.

3. Use brain power and creativity to think of ways to get the attention of the right people. It doesn’t have to be your own. Call on the collective brain power amongst the whole of the executive team and the work force.

4. Select a few things to do. Don’t try to take up all of the good ideas you come across. If your resources are limited, just focus on one idea at a time.

5. No matter how certain you are that an idea will work, set up a small scale test before you commit to it completely.

6. Never give in. Never give up. Keep searching for innovative ways to find and win the residual business. Leave competitors to despair.

Doing things right is a waste of time if your don’t first choose the right things to do.

Good Luck

You will find a lot of free resources at

Michael asks…

Do you think Toyota would’ve done this if they were in a Union?

Former employees of a shuttered California auto plant sued the factory and Toyota Motor Corp. on Wednesday, claiming they were denied fair severance packages because injuries kept them off the job in the months leading to the facility’s closure.

The suit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Oakland, seeks a revised severance agreement, restitution, lost compensation, other employee benefits and monetary damages.

The lawsuit also seeks class-action status. Lawyers claim that about 300 of the 4,700 employees who lost their jobs when the Fremont-based New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., or Nummi, closed April 1 may be affected.

Many of the laid-off employees, who assembled Toyota cars and trucks. Employees who worked continuously in the six months before the plant’s closure also received enhancements based on years of service and other factors.

Tony Lawson, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the enhancements added an average of $32,000 to an employee’s severance agreement, so denying those who were on disability leave during that six-month period translated to a huge loss for the worker.

“Some of these people had worked there 25 years and were injured in the last six months,” Lawson said. “We allege they’re being discriminated against with respect to their severance because of their disability.”

The lawsuit also claims that disabled workers were not allowed to take advantage of some employment services such as career and skills assessments, and they were refused employment when they attempted to go back to work after a doctor said it was OK.

Nummi spokesman Lance Tomasu said the company doesn’t typically comment on pending litigation, however, the factory “has always prided itself on treating its team members with respect and fairness and we believe we’ve done so in this situation.”

Toyota spokesman Rick Hesterberg did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The Nummi plant was established in 1984 as a joint venture between General Motors Co. and Toyota. GM made the Pontiac Vibe there but withdrew from the alliance last year after filing for bankruptcy protection.

Toyota made the Corolla sedan and Tacoma pickup at the plant but said it could not sustain the factory without GM and warned Nummi it would shutter operations.

Besides the jobs lost at the factory, the closure devastated thousands of others whose businesses were made servicing and supplying the plant and its workers. Nearly 8 million vehicles were built at the sprawling facility at the southern edge of San Francisco Bay before it closed.

New hope has been injected in the area with two recent announcements, however.

Tesla Motors Inc. said it was purchasing the plant to build its Model S electric sedan and collaborate with Toyota on an electric vehicle that will combine a high-volume Toyota vehicle with a Tesla electric powertrain.

The federal government also said it would provide $19 million in emergency grants to help workers who lost their jobs when Nummi closed.

Would this have been so easy to do if they were in a Union?

admin answers:

Seeing how maybe only one person read this is really funny.

No the Union would stand up to the Corporation.

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